Xiaomi ready to Compete in the iPhone's Hometown

Harga Smartphone terbaru - The rivalry between Apple and Xiaomi Manchester getting hot next year. Let alone when preparing Xiaomi expanding into the United States, better known as the hometown of the iPhone.

According to Vice President Xiaomi Hugo Barra, United States market entry plans that are well prepared, but still need some preparation in order to mature their execution was perfect.

"At least next year could be realized because we had to wake up the distribution lines and strong after-sales if want to play in the United States," he explained.

In his hometown, China, Xiaomi and Apple compete hard to seize the market. In the second quarter and then, Apple managed to beat the iPhone thanks to Xiaomi 6Bamboo Curtain country market in it.

Xiaomi during these many accused imitate Apple products. If this brand entry to United States markets, many predict will happen to the brand or patent dispute like Samsung faced a few years ago.

"We are ready to face the lawsuits with patent issues it kala expansion," stated Barralater often traveled to Indonesia.

Currently the central focus was indeed Xiaomi selling smartphones in emerging markets such as China and India. Until the first half of January has already sold 34.7million smartphones.

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