Apple Accused Had Stolen the Name “iWatch”

Harga smartphone terbaru - Though not the official name of the Apple smart watches, a search on the internet will directly refer to wearable gadget belongs to the pembesut of our iPhone when typing ' iWatch '. A company feels it has the name sue Apple.

Probendi, a small company based in Dublin, Ireland claimed to be the owner of the trademark iWatch in Europe. IWatch secured so that it cannot be used as the trademark Apple smart watches, Probendi else filed its case to the Court in Milan, Italy on June 26, 2015.

"Apple is systematically using Google's search engine in the iWatch to direct consumers to their website that advertises Apple Watch," claim Probendi.

Probendi very existence of this cheating believes. Moreover, plus the fact that Google had a poor reputation off his responsibility in the affair a trademark ads.

Before Probendi, there are American Airlines and Geico are also problematic in the trademark indirectly ' direcoki ' by Google.

Probendi actually been warned not to use the Apple trademark iWatch. Because,Probendi smartwatch produces its own Android based a legally named ' iWatch '.

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