Apple Accused Had Stolen the Name “iWatch”

Apple Accused Had Stolen the Name “iWatch”

Harga smartphone terbaru - Though not the official name of the Apple smart watches, a search on the internet will directly refer to wearable gadget belongs to the pembesut of our iPhone when typing ' iWatch '. A company feels it has the name sue Apple.

Probendi, a small company based in Dublin, Ireland claimed to be the owner of the trademark iWatch in Europe. IWatch secured so that it cannot be used as the trademark Apple smart watches, Probendi else filed its case to the Court in Milan, Italy on June 26, 2015.

"Apple is systematically using Google's search engine in the iWatch to direct consumers to their website that advertises Apple Watch," claim Probendi.

Probendi very existence of this cheating believes. Moreover, plus the fact that Google had a poor reputation off his responsibility in the affair a trademark ads.

Before Probendi, there are American Airlines and Geico are also problematic in the trademark indirectly ' direcoki ' by Google.

Probendi actually been warned not to use the Apple trademark iWatch. Because,Probendi smartwatch produces its own Android based a legally named ' iWatch '.

Xiaomi ready to Compete in the iPhone's Hometown

Xiaomi ready to Compete in the iPhone's Hometown

Harga Smartphone terbaru - The rivalry between Apple and Xiaomi Manchester getting hot next year. Let alone when preparing Xiaomi expanding into the United States, better known as the hometown of the iPhone.

According to Vice President Xiaomi Hugo Barra, United States market entry plans that are well prepared, but still need some preparation in order to mature their execution was perfect.

"At least next year could be realized because we had to wake up the distribution lines and strong after-sales if want to play in the United States," he explained.

In his hometown, China, Xiaomi and Apple compete hard to seize the market. In the second quarter and then, Apple managed to beat the iPhone thanks to Xiaomi 6Bamboo Curtain country market in it.

Xiaomi during these many accused imitate Apple products. If this brand entry to United States markets, many predict will happen to the brand or patent dispute like Samsung faced a few years ago.

"We are ready to face the lawsuits with patent issues it kala expansion," stated Barralater often traveled to Indonesia.

Currently the central focus was indeed Xiaomi selling smartphones in emerging markets such as China and India. Until the first half of January has already sold 34.7million smartphones.

The iPhone screen will be Equipped Force Touch

The iPhone screen will be Equipped Force Touch
Harga Notebook Terbaru - Next generation iPhone--often called by the name iPhone 6S--seem to be equipped with screen tech Force Touch. The same technology previously used Apple on Apple Mac Book Watch and the new generation.

Force Touch can recognize a given pressure level of violence to the screen. And the data can be used to add to the experience of its users. This is in contrast with the kind of touch that's just recognizing the emphasis of duration screen.

For example, developers can incorporate additional menu that will appear when the screen is receiving pressure on some level.

Apple has already started the use of Force in the New Mac Book Touch, with an extra browser window brings up when users wear Force Touch in certain words. The window contains information about the words chosen by the user.

The WSJ reports also mentioned that Apple will add a color option on the iPhone 6S, which currently consists of only three colors, gray, silver, and gold. While in terms of size and resolution of the screen reported no change.

After the massive design changes from the iPhone to the iPhone 5S 6 and 6 Plus, estimated iPhone 6S will not undergo many changes. Apple is said to still use the iPhone 6 while doing the update in terms of hardware and software.

Apple will usually improve the quality of the camera on the iPhone's ' series, but the WSJ reports do not mention the existence of the update on the facets of the camera. iPhone 6S called will be launched in September 2015.